Member of the best class that ever graced PTHS !!!.....Marion Alex Alston, Jr.

After having been a High School teacher myself, I regret any pain and suffering I may have inflicted on my PTHS peers and teachers 25 years ago. But that's history, and as we all know we can't change history, so GET OVER IT !!.....John J. Blum

Hope to see Denise Hillhouse, Carlos Ramos, Gwen Taylor, etc. As I have not kept in contact it will be fun to see everyone......Sheila (Chisar, Mastowski) Elliot

Coming to all the reunions to see and talk to everyone I haven't seen since the last reunion.....Barbara (Coover) Oleksy

Steve Speece, please write to me. Anyone else who would like to exchange letters or phone calls, please contact me......Henry E. Crankshaw, IV

Marilia Rivera, how are you ? Merelyn Galloza too !.....Estela (Cubano) de Padin

Chrome Dome !! Think about it, Paul ! (I have, and it's still pretty scary ! ...Paul).....Rion J. Forconi

Famous quotes from Mr. Becker: "Thirtysville for you !!", "Hey Columbus, leave those sails alone !" (referring to someone who was playing with the window shades)

Mr. Moran: "Ten Globemasters just landed, wingtip to wingtip !"

Mr. Moran's substitute: "Mr. Moran will not be returning any time soon !"

Mr. Saxe: "Who stole my Pink Pearl ??!!" (a type of Mechanical Drawing eraser)

Mr. Guagliardo: "How nice that you could come !", "A Quarterly, Cumulative, Recapitulatory Quiz"

Mr. Simone: "A toothache is in your head, Gym is for your body !!".....Paul K. Fort

"I Remember Mama", Senior trip, dancing to Don McLean's "American Pie" - basic "clowning around".....Kathleen (Harris) Agey

If you're in the DC area, look me up and we'll do lunch and a museum.....Brenda K. Kinsler

Great memories of our prom - remember the theme "Color My World?"

Senior Trip to Washington DC - watching my future wife smoking cigars on the bus - outsmoking Jeff Sanders !

Cheering for John Goodman to get into the basketball games our Senior Year ! Way to go, Ax !!

Split shifts for classes during school renovations.

History Class with Mr. Cantalupo.

Math Class with Mr. Priestly and Mr. William Shakespeare Barrett ("Here-have a peanut")

Watching Mr. Becker do the twist to Iron Butterfly's Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida in Homeroom and World Geography.

Seeing Mrs. Walters with pencils stuck in her "hair bun."

Being "shot" with orange paint by Joe Lucarine the last day of school our Junior Year.

"Honest Injun Club".....Robert H. Krause

Congratulations to Magda Torres for being one of this year's PTHS Hall of Fame inductees on May 31, 1997......Mayona (Llabros) Renna

Glad we could all make it back after 25 years !!.....Carol (Markowitz) Conner

To Richard Miller, my favorite brother: "I hope things have been going well for you. I'm sorry I missed you at the last reunion and now this one!" Also, hello to Pam Tippins, Kathy Harris, Cathy Nye, Joan Goss, Stanley Tarnacki, Candy D'Agostino, Phil.....Diana Miller

My birthday just happens to be July 26 !! I'd never miss this reunion !.....Maggie (Seebold) Van Kersen

Sorry I can't attend. We already have reservations for horse events in Lexington, Kentucky. Maybe we'll see y'all in 2002. Take care ! Barbara Coover and Anna Hoffman, please write to give me your current address. Keep in touch. God bless! ......Karen L. (Smith) Hamilton

To Jesse Boyington - Nobody has had a better friend than you.. we may not see each other like we used too, but I know that I still consider you to be my best friend. Thanks !.....Frank C. Stinehart

Remember the baby powder fights in the girls' locker room. "Dash the butts girls and get to class"-- Mrs. Walters warning that she was coming into the ladies' room and you better be out of that smoky stall or else......Catherine (Templeton) Placenti

I wish you good luck, love, and happiness......Dianne T. (Vito) Faunce

When I was at a Pep Rally, I lifted Jeannie Wolosin with my hands around her hips, and her skirt went over my head....... To all my friends that were close then and that are still friends now, thank you.....Eugene E. Zaiss, Jr.

Sorry I can't come this time. It would be fun to see how old and ugly everyone is getting!.....Gail (Zollinhofer) Quigg